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Great Wall project - Third phase

Third phase:

Sweet mountain, am I right?:

This immediately followed the second phase, while a winter season separated phase one and two.  We had often talked about how nice it would be to remove the upper nastiness that was our yard, to dig it back and put a retaining wall up there.  Little did I know that I unintentionally started that project while working on the staircase.
It started small, innocent almost, but turned into something much larger and much more demanding.  Bit by bit I scavenged for more steppers to continue the path to the gate, many time this meant finding a portion of a stone that was exposed and pulling it out of the ground to inspect it's actual size.  Sometimes it would be a LARGE stone that would turn over soil and make it unsightly.  Up until now we had a fairly steady slope to the edge all grown over with weeds that were cut to lawn length.  There were also a handful of small ravines created by rainwater washout.  Enough about what it was, lets get to how it will be.
Some of the upper part only had an inch or two of clay on it held in place with weeds.  It was hot and dry when I was working on it, and these areas quickly cleaned off with a shovel.  I would dig in and break apart several sections and did so until it was more than just a few inches thick.  I liked the progress that was being made, but there was a dark cloud over us.  This material had to go somewhere and I had just paid someone to clear out the fill not even a year ago.  Do I really start throwing dirt down again?  Turns out that the answer to that was yes.  And so it began, the upper section was on it's way to be cleaned off.
I want to tell you that spending 100's of hours toiling in the sun was an exaggeration, but it isn't.  I would often get home from work around 3:30pm, and be changed and shoveling by 4. I could work several house before it was too dark.  This only happened every single day for months.  The further I dug in. the further I'd have to toss the soil.  I managed to build myself another equally sized mound from the year past, but this time I had still barely started.
My intention was to find another hidden layer, why wouldn't there be one after all?  Once I exposed this next layer I'd learn exactly how much work was ahead of me.  Unfortunately this next layer never existed, and I was now faced with upwards of 4' of clay with a few inches of top soil on it.  Defeated in my attempts I was now stuck.  What now?  Stop?  Then what?
We might have ourselves a mess.  I began to wonder if I could find an operator that is confident enough to work equipment in a dangerous area.  The work zone now is about 12' off the ground and everything about it wants you to fall down it.  So, we kept digging.  At this point it is becoming more of a hassle to walk a shovelful of dirt ten feet just to toss it down, but there were very few other choices.  Eventually I had cleared a large enough area to prove that a flat stone area exists and now finally we might get someone to help.
Craigslist again proved helpful.  This time I had fewer people interested in the work as it is plain dangerous at this point.  We did find Charlie, and Charlie wasn't afraid of it and agreed to come in through the back (removed fence section) to bobcat the remaining to the bottom.  We had no idea how much material that was, and even seeing the mountain that was created by it still baffled us on the sheer volume.  Charlie was able to clear the top, and then use the mountain he created to return to the ground level no longer needing the opened section of fencing.

Check out the relatively flat surface, that outta be easy to build a wall on right?:

Here we are, the bobcat cleared area.  The upper most level of this stone bluff resembles a frozen ocean.  Nothing about it was flat and all the low spots were filled in with pressed into place clay.  Neat, now we get to clean that up.
This took a surprising amount of time, pealing up pieces, putting them into a wheelbarrow then bouncing my way to the mountain to dump it.  The cleanup of the upper area only took a few weeks.  Did I mention that the mountain is now also covering the middle section that I cleared out last year?  I didn't?  Oh, well we now had to clear that middle section again and separate the mountain from the rock wall.  We didn't want to have to pay twice more for removal, so let's dig shall we?
A week or so later we started looking for someone that can scoop up and remove this mountain of shame that has consumed our backyard.  Ray came to the rescue and filled 14 dump trucks with material and cleared the mountain over a weekend.
Now we have a flat yard again, and a flat upper area.  All clean and ready to rest.

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